Connecting Collectors with
Contemporary Art

Judith Taylor / Owner
Art Advisor, 30+ years experience

Available by appointment


Art Advisory and Curatorial Services

With over thirty years of experience working with both collectors and artists and playing an active role in the Austin art scene, Judith Taylor and her team are well positioned to provide personalized art advice to both individuals and the design community.

For the Seasoned Collector

Our team can provide curatorial expertise to expand your collection, add a new dimension, or refresh how you incorporate art in your environment. Art collections and aesthetics evolve; we are available to advise as you evaluate your collection and make art decisions.

For Art Novices

For those wanting to expand art knowledge and build confidence in making art purchases, our approach is to serve as your guide. You will find the exploration process exciting as you look and learn, define your personal taste and aesthetic, and make those initial acquisitions.

For the Interior Design Community

We are available, as we have been for many years, to assist in making fine art an integral part of the design process as you work with your clients to achieve their aesthetic goals. Gallery Shoal Creek continues to represent a select group of accomplished artists and we can also introduce the work of other artists who might align with your projects.


“I have loved art since childhood and have been an avid art collector for decades. I purchase art from countless sources across the United States and Europe, but Judy Taylor’s Gallery Shoal Creek has always been my “Home Gallery.” She has the most experienced eye and good taste of any gallery owner in this city. I have purchased figurative and abstract works, landscape paintings and sculpture through Judy. These pieces give me pleasure every day. There would be a void in my life if Judy Taylor had not made them available to me. I have followed Judy through various iterations of her gallery. This is just one more move that will ensure her relevance in the art world for years to come.”

- William Ramsdell, MD

“Our favorite pieces have come through Judith. She has a great eye and is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. One of the best art consultants and dealers in Texas!”

-Jane Pollard