Two Artists Engaged in Conversation:
KATIE MARATTA / The Next Small Thing +
SYDNEY YEAGER / In Other Words
Artist Reception, Friday, August 19th 6-8pm

The conversation between Sydney Yeager and Katie Maratta began in late 2015, and the enthusiasm built as the two found similarities in their visual language. It was not until Sydney arrived with a set of minimally painted color fields and Katie unveiled a series of cloudscapes that I began to grasp the vision percolating in their creative minds. - J. Taylor

Katie and I seem to share an interest in the issues of presence and absence. Her haunting West Texas landscapes seemed to have a similar emptiness, with large open skies dominating the tiny earthbound structure peopled only by light.
-S. Yeager

The idea of an open-ended narrative, too, is shared. Sydney approaches the issue abstractly and I realistically. The tonalities, movement, and use of space that we both play with give the viewer the means to resolve the pictorial story in his or her own way. -K. Maratta


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